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Pulverizer Technic Pack Wiki Fandom

OverviewVideo TutorialInput Primary Output Secondary Output Chance of Secondary Output Wood Chip Glowstone Nasa Workbench 100% Cobblestone Sand Gravel 10% Gravel Flint Glass Sand Sandstone Sand (x2) Niter 20% Netherrack Cobblestone Sulphur 20% Wood Wood Pulp Gold Ore Pulverized Gold Ore Rare Earth Lode 5% Iron Ore Pulverized Iron Ore Rare Earth Lode 5% Rare Earth Lode Pulverized Rare Earth Blaze Rod Blaze Powder (x4) Sulphur 50% Bone Bone Meal (x6) Reed 2) Ferrous Ore Pulv. Ferrous Dust Pul

Redstone Engine Feed The Beast Wiki Fandom

OverviewEnergy OutputEnergy InputThe Redstone Engine is the most basic and cheapest type of BuildCraft engine. To run, all that Redstone Engines require is a direct Redstone signal (e.g. from levers), but they also provide the least amount of power (1MJ/s or 0.05MJ/t). They will not accept a signal from Redstone Dust running past unless it directly connects to the engine. Redstone Engines are most commonly used for powering wooden pipes to transport items, and BuildCraft pumps. Most machinery requires more energy than a single...

Redstone Engine Minecraft buildcraft Wiki Fandom

RecipePower OutputUsesIngredients: 1. 3 x Wooden Planks 2. 2 x Wood Gear 3. 1 x Piston 4. 1 x GlassProduces: 1 x Redstone Engine

My pulverizer don't even work!!! - Tekkit Discussion ...

12-6-2014  Well, now, I know how to use my pulverizer using steam engine and aqueous accumulator. (in fact, I have lots of ingots/gems/dusts, using my turtles and an iron pickaxe with "Silk touch I".) So, thank for the help.

I crafted a pulverizer and it don't wanna work!! Please, someone HELP ME or I won't double my ores!We need more details than "it don't wanna work", otherwise it's near impossible to work out what's actually wrong. Does it have power? What are you...Well, first, I can't show any screenshot because I can't find it. Second, I tried to power it using a redstone engine and a redstone torch. Third,...Redstone engines do not provide any device with MJ. I am pretty sure they are only useful for powering wooden pipes. You will need steam / sterling...Okay... I'll try...Here's a decent tutorial on thermal expansion.... hope it helps you figure out what's going wrong. But yeah sounds like a power issue. ... skip to...Dont pulverize ore, smelt them with sand using induction smelter. Smelting ore with IS gives you a 5% chance for rich slag. Rich slag + ore in IS g...Especially durning the early game, pulveriser bonusus such as gold from copper ore can be useful.You run out of sand too easy with 2+ quarries going.Easy. Hook up an igneous extruder to a pulveriser. Unlimited sand.

Thermal Expansion Tutorial - Pulverizer, Redstone Furnace ...

3-9-2014  Minecraft tutorial for the Thermal Expansion Mod. In this tutorial video I will show you how to craft and use the Pulverizer and Redstone furnace and the basics of automating these two machines by ...

作者: IDEDOnline

Tutorial - Redstone Engine - Feed The Beast (Minecraft ...

19-5-2014  Hello Everyone, Today I am showing you the basics of the Redstone Engine from Buildcraft. Will show you how to build it, How it works, and so basic information about it. If you would like an ...

作者: Minecracker01

Pulverizer - Feed The Beast Wiki

The Pulverizer is a machine added by Thermal Expansion.Its main use is to turn Ores into their respective Dusts, at a 1:2 ratio. The Dusts can then be smelted in any type of Furnace (such as the Induction Smelter or Electric Furnace) to produce Ingots.Its recipes also sometimes yield a by-product, thus giving the Pulverizer a slight advantage over the Macerator, as well as a cheaper recipe ...

Engines Feed The Beast Wiki Fandom

Engines are machines used to generate energy in the form of MJ.While originally added by Buildcraft, engines are now available from a variety of mods.. Depending on the type, engines require different types of fuel or materials to run. What they all have in common however is that they need a redstone signal (e.g. from a Lever) to work, unless configured otherwise.

Pulverizer - How to power it? : feedthebeast

Pulverizer - How to power it? Just started a modpack that includes the Pulverizer (Thermal Expansion). ... I read that redstone engines would work as they emit MJ, but I tried hooking them up to each other but with 0 success. PS: I'm quite "nooby" in the subject, hence the dumb questions.

Redstone Engine - Feed The Beast Wiki

The Redstone Engine is the most basic and cheapest type of BuildCraft engine. To run, all that Redstone Engines require is a direct Redstone signal (e.g. from levers), but they also provide the least amount of power (1MJ/s or 0.05MJ/t), they cannot connect to Kinesis Pipes, but as of a recent BuildCraft update they can be daisy chained with other Redstone Engine.

Redstone Engine The Tekkit Classic Wiki Fandom

Redstone Engines are the cheapest and the weakest of the engines you can build, but they will only overload if they are not connected to an output such as a Wooden Pipe or a Pump.They will require some time to warm up and run at peak efficiency. The color of the device shows its power output. There are three stages: Blue, meaning either that it's off or producing low power; Green, meaning that ...

Pulverizer - Team CoFH

Redstone control. A pulverizer may be configured to respond to redstone signals. It can be in one of three modes: Ignored Redstone control is disabled. The pulverizer works whenever possible. This is the default mode. Low The pulverizer works when not powered. When powered, it stops working. High The pulverizer only works when powered.

Just crafted a Pulverizer and Redstone Engine -- how do I ...

Redstone Engines produce nowhere near enough power for a Pulverizer. Look into a Steam Dynamo or Extra Utilities' Furnace Generator.

Pulverizer Tekkit Lite Wiki Fandom

The Pulverizer works in much the same way as a Macerator from Industrial Craft 2, but it uses Minecraft Joules instead of EU to pulverize things into a powder. It will also work noticeably faster than the Macerator, but slower than a Rotary Macerator.. It will turn one block of ore into two pulverized ore. They can then be smelted into ingots, effectively doubling your mining profit.

engine wrong direction - Tekkit Discussion - Technic

8-4-2014  Hi , I am a newbie on minecraft and just try to build the pulverizer and make it work. Now I face the problem is no matter I use redstone engine or stirling engine, both of them is face up and not attached to the pulverizer, I search the help on internet and some said it can use wrench to change the direction, but I didn't know how to do it.

Can't Power Pulverizer? (Feed the Beast Horizons) Feed ...

24-1-2014  Steel Crusher vs Pulverizer is about equal in efficiency then for Ore usage, with the Pulverizer pulling ahead if you are crushing gems/wool/other stuff. The Redstone Furnace is more efficient then I expected at only 1600 RF per item cooked, so 15 items per charcoal in a Dynamo but its regular furnace speed compared to the Steel Furnace which is significantly faster and only slightly less ...

minecraft tekkit how to use a pulverizer

Pulverizer -Team CoFH. The pulverizer only works when powered. The current mode can be set using the Redstone Control tab in the machine’s GUI. Security. A pulverizer can have a signalum security lock installed to restrict who can access it. Redprints. A pulverizer’s configuration can be saved on a redprint to be copied to other pulverizers.

Redstone Engine Tekkit Lite Wiki Fandom

The Redstone Engine is the Tier 1 engine from the BuildCraft mod which allows you to power tools and other mod tools. It is primarily used to pump from pipes, as using it is very slow, about 1.5 seconds between each pump. Because it's so slow, it shouldn't be used to power large things like fillers or Quarries, as it would go at one block per 1.5 seconds. Additionally, Redstone Engines cannot ...

electrical engines and pulverizers - Questions/Help - FTB ...

electrical engines and pulverizers - posted in Questions/Help: Hey, just a quick question. I have a pulverizer setup going, and it works well save for one thing: If the electrical engines i have hooked up to it are actively charging the pulverizers, they wont actually pulverize anything until the engines are shut off. Any way to combat this or am I SOL?

Conductive Pipes Minecraft buildcraft Wiki Fandom

Conductive pipes powered by combustion engines.. Transport Pipes can be combined with redstone to create conductive pipes. These pipes are the only type of pipes that can carry the energy produced by engines to machines that can normally be powered by engines (See: Automatic Building and Automatic Mining) . The behavior of conductive pipes has changed drastically in version 3.70.

Redstone Engine The Tekkit Main Wiki FANDOM

The Redstone Engine is the least powerful engine in the Buildcraft mod. It is crafted using 2 wooden gears, 1 piston, 1 glass, and 3 wooden planks. Uses Edit. The most common use of the Redstone Engine is to pump items out of containers. Others are for powering pumps, pulling liquids out of tanks, and generating very little power.

Getting Started (Thermal Expansion) - Official Feed The ...

Now then, throw some fuel into your engine and fire it up! You will notice, if you look at the Pulverizer, that there's a blue bar on the left which is starting to fill up. This machine can store up to 4800 MJ of energy in its Redstone Reception Coil, giving you an energy buffer if you run out of fuel.

tekkit how to use a pulverizer -

A redstone engine can explode, ... Minecraft tutorial for the Thermal Expansion Mod In this tutorial video I will show you how to craft and use the Pulverizer and Redstone furnace and the basics of . tekkit what powers the pulverizer - ellulnl.

Pulverizer / Recipe The Tekkit Main Wiki Fandom

The pulverizer requires power to function. A simple early set up would be to directly connect it to a Steam Dynamo or a Magmatic Dynamo. This pairs nicely with a Redstone Furnace which operates in a very similar way. The pulverizer has an internal power storage of 48,000MJ. RECIPE

pulverizer robin engine with gas -

pulverizer robin engine with gas - macadam crusher . pulverizer robin engine with gas, From large primary jaws and gyratories to cones and VSIs for tertiary

how to power pulverizer tekkit -

If so, anything that produces RF can be used. Typically either dynamos from Thermal Expansion itself or any one of the generators from Extra Utilities will power it directly. Buildcraft engines need some kind of power transfer IIRC, try making a kinesis pipe (a normal BC pipe plus redstone) and connecting that to the pulverizer and engine.